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Property Tax Reports

How to Use Trusts to Reduce Property Taxes

Find everything you need to know about reducing your property taxes using trusts in this 16,000+ word report.

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How To Beat The Landlord Tax Rises

Find everything you need to know about the various measures designed to increase the tax take from residential property letting and what options are available in this 13,500+ word report.

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Asset Transfers: Hidden Tax Traps and Treasures

There are many reasons why a person might want to transfer assets to someone else and this 9,000+ word report details what the choices are and how to go about them in the most tax efficient manner.

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Property Trading Vs Property Investment

Knowing the difference between property investment and property trading is key to getting your UK tax responsibilities correct. This 9,000+ word report looks at some of the opportunities and pitfalls for both sides.

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Private Or Main Residence Relief – What You Need To Know!

This special 10,500+ word report tells you everything you need to know about this valuable capital gains tax relief, (“PPR”), and how and when it can be applied.

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Business Tax Reports

Tax Efficient Ways To Extract Cash From Your Company

This special report reveals a number of strategies to help extract profits from a company in a tax-efficient manner.

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IR35 - Tax Tips for Contractors

In this special report Sarah Bradford gives useful pointers and tips to make sure contractors don’t fall into the common IR35 traps.

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Tax-Efficient Business Exit Strategies

This special report sets out a number of exit strategies to help you sell or pass on your business in a tax-efficient manner.

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Director’s Loan Accounts Explained

This special guide tells you everything you need to know about Director’s Loan Accounts.

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Tax Tips For Company Directors

This special guide reveals a wealth of hints and tips for company directors.

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How to Maximise Business Expenses

This special guide provides tips on how to maximise your business expenses.

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General Tax Reports

HMRC Penalties Explained

This special report looks at HMRC penalties, how they can arise for tax compliance failures, and how those penalties can potentially be deferred or eliminated.

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Successfully Planning For Inheritance Tax

This special guide tells you everything you need to know about how to successfully plan for Inheritance Tax.

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Taxation of Partnerships

This special guide discusses the merits of different types of partnerships that currently exist, and  consider the tax position of the individual partner.

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Asset Protection & Tax

This special report looks at how to protect your assets and the tax liabilities that arise when doing so.

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