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Taxation Of Property Partnerships and Joint Ownership


Get this guide on smart management of jointly owned property structures so you can pay less tax in property partnerships. 

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What does the Taxation of Property Partnerships and Joint Ownership Guide Cover?

In this 13,500+ word report you’ll find up to date professional advice for taxpayers and advisers on  joint ownership of property and different property partnership structures. 

You’ll learn how different types of property ownership provide different tax saving opportunities. Written by tax expert Lee Sharpe, this report

  • Types of property ownership and their advantages
  • Joint tenants, tenants in common and moving between the two
  • Declaration of trusts including how they work and their advantages
  • Splitting capital gains between spouses
  • Different types of property partnership and the tax treatments of each
  •  Limited liability partnerships advantages and disadvantages

And so much more.

Take a look inside to see just how many tax saving structures you’ll learn about. Pay less tax on jointly owned property starting from today.

Who will benefit from the Taxation of Property Partnerships and Joint Ownership Guide?

If you are a landlord who is considering different types of property ownership to find the most tax efficient one you should read this guide.

If you’re considering joint ownership of property with a spouse, family member of business partner you should read this guide.

If you want to know more about declaration of trusts, limited liability partnerships and joint tenants in common this guide is for you.