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Tax Advice

Arthur Weller

UK Tax Specialist and Property Taxation Advisor

Upto 25 minutes of telephone tax advice on any aspect of UK taxation for as little as £97 with our own UK tax guru Arthur Weller! Arthur answers the Q&As for our Tax Insider magazine.

Arthur normally only advises accountants or other tax specialists in areas of taxation. However he has teamed up with us here to help answer your taxation questions at a very affordable price.

I can happily recommend Arthur Weller's professional advice. I'd been very frustrated over a ten week period consulting two other supposedly 'expert' online tax consultants who, after weeks of consideration, could not, after all, definitively answer my question for their sub £100 fee unless I was prepared to fork-out up to £700+ in more dedicated research. Arthur, however, impressively answered the question within a couple of days, inc some follow-up clarification, for a flat fee. I was truly stuck on a property transaction until this question was answered, so in my opinion a great service.

He is definitely bookmarked for future reference!

J.D. from West Sussex


  • Arthur is a qualified Chartered Tax Adviser and operates his own tax consultancy. He has been practising as a self-employed tax consultant since the year 2000. For about seven years before this Arthur was also working in taxation but working for accountancy firms.

    He is also co-author of the guide ‘How to Use Landlord taxes’, which is now it it’s eleventh edition and has been purchased by thousands of tax professionals and landlords/property investors alike.

    Arthur also answers tax questions each month via the Property Tax Insider and Business Tax Insider monthly newsletters.

    Through the and websites, Arthur has conducted over 1,500 tax consultations over the last 10 years.

  • He works mainly in an advisory capacity for accountants and UK tax-payers and typically advises on the following areas:

    • Income Tax
    • Corporation Tax
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Property Tax
    • Expatriate tax
    • Small Business Taxation
  • Money Laundering Checks are required for professional services by law because the UK is a major international financial and legal centre, with a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. When we take on a new client or begin to give a new consultancy you are essentially an unknown entity and we have to ensure that we are fully compliant. Businesses like ours are attractive to money launderers - criminals who sometimes try to hide stolen money by turning it into legitimate income. Therefore, the government has introduced measures to make it more difficult for criminals to make and keep money from their crimes, to confiscate the proceeds of crime for this reason there are compulsory checks as tax consultants we must make of our clients. Being asked for identification does not mean you are under suspicion, the new identification requirements apply to all clients.

  • We carry out an online check using ComplianceAssist you will verify your identity and relate this back to us.

  • Arthur will take payment at the end of the consultation by a credit/debit card.

  • You can read a few of the glowing testimonials we get from Arthur’s services here.

  • If the consultation exceeds 25 minutes, then any time thereafter will be prorated at an hourly rate of £225 per hour.

  • The minimum cost for a consultation is £97. This means that if your consultation takes 10 minutes or 25 minutes then the cost will still be £97. The standard consultation charge is £225 per hour; it is not possible for Arthur to determine how long you will speak for at the beginning of the call. If it takes part of an hour e.g. three quarters of an hour, you will be charge pro rata, i.e. around £168.75...

  • This is completely fine, and the time spent on providing the written advice will be charged at £225 per hour. At the beginning of the phone call Arthur will always offer the option of providing the consultation in writing also which can be provided via e-mail in form of a summary of the phone conversation. This will need to be confirmed again at the end, as with the consultation how long this will take is often unknown but depending on the details of the phone conversation, but it can take anywhere up to 30-45 minutes.

  • Any follow up questions will be charged at the same rate as described above, the standard price of £225 per hour.