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Property Tax Insider

As a landlord or property developer you will be aware of the many different taxes affecting your profit margins. Each month our Property Tax Insider writers illustrate how to easily and legally reduce your property taxes.

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Each month our tax experts and authors share practical tips to help you better manage your tax affairs and reduce your tax liability.

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Here is what our experts are sharing this month:

  • Residential property gains: Reporting and tax payment changes

    When it comes to gains on residential property where full private residence relief is not available, the tax regime is increasingly punitive; not only does a higher rate of tax apply to residential property gains than other gains (with the exception of carried interest), from April 2020 the timescale for reporting such gains to HMRC and paying the associated tax is significantly reduced.

    Sarah Bradford outlines the new rules to apply from 6 April 2020 for reporting residential property gains and paying the associated capital gains tax.

  • Property investment business: Personal or corporate ownership?

    A number of key considerations need to be made when evaluating whether to run a property business personally or through a limited liability company.

    Lee Sharpe looks at the common conundrum of choosing between typical vehicles for property investors.

  • Working at home? 

    Working from home in recent times has become a  modern phenomenon. However, with the recent restrictions of COVID-19, working from home has become the norm for most people.

    Meg Saksida looks at the tax effects of an employee home working from home.

  • The dark art of property valuation!

    The valuation of assets for tax purposes is a tricky business. It has been called a ‘dark art’; a specialist area for experts, not to be dabbled in by other professional advisers.

    Mark McLaughlin points out that challenging HMRC valuations of land can yield positive results.

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As part of your free trial, you will also get immediate access to the following popular property tax-saving strategies:


  • Running a property letting business through a company

Lee Sharpe looks at the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of incorporating a property letting business.


  • Jointly-owned property and rental income: Whose is it?

Sarah Bradford explains how rental income is taxed where property is owned jointly.


  • Making tax digital for landlords: Where are we now?

Lee Sharpe looks at the latest developments in respect of making tax digital for landlords.


  • Principal private residence - It’s the quality not the quantity!

Mark McLaughlin highlights an important factor in the availability of capital gains tax principal private residence relief on the disposal of a dwelling.


  • Transferring rental income: be careful!

Lee Sharpe looks at how rental income can be shared out – and points out some traps to be aware of.

As part of your free trial, you will also get immediate access to the following popular tax-saving strategies:
Maximise Business Expenses: What Counts As Business Entertainment? 

The below excerpt is taken from our popular business report How to Maximise Deductions for Business Expenses

As business entertainment is not deductible for tax purposes, it is necessary to add back any business entertainment expenses included in the accounts when preparing the tax computation.  

To ensure that the correct amount is added back it is important to understand what

Is ‘careless’ as bad as ‘deliberate’?

Mark McLaughlin highlights a strange anomaly involving the difference between ‘careless’ and ‘deliberate’ behaviour in taxpayer errors.

Mistakes by taxpayers in tax returns are common but might go undetected until it is too late for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to open an enquiry into the return within normal time limits.

However, HMRC may make a discovery assessment outside the normal enquiry ‘window’ broadly if HMRC can demonstrate that the taxpayer’s mistake was careless or deliberate (TMA 1970, s 29(4)) (N.B. there is an

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