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As a landlord or property developer you will be aware of the many different taxes affecting your profit margins. Each month our Property Tax Insider writers illustrate how to easily and legally reduce your property taxes.

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Each month our tax experts and authors share practical tips to help you better manage your tax affairs and reduce your tax liability.

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Here is what our experts are sharing this month:

  • Jointly Owned Property - Beware the ‘50:50 rule’! 

    Many married couples and civil partners invest jointly in property, which they rent out to generate an income. From a tax perspective, it makes sense for that rental income to be taxed on the partner with the lowest marginal rate of tax.  

    Sarah Bradford examines the default 50:50 rule when taxing income from the jointly-owned property of spouses or civil partners and explains how to avoid falling foul of the rule. 

  • How ‘furnished’ does my let property need to be? 

    In the case of ‘ordinary’ let property, it’s true to say that the question of whether the property is fully furnished, partly furnished, or unfurnished is of less importance now than it used to be.   

    Alan Pink looks at the reliefs available for furnishing and fitting out let property. 

  • Putting an investment property into trust for family members 

    This article is based on English law and readers should note that there are differences between the UK jurisdictions. Treatment in the EU, and further afield, can also be quite different.  

    Lee Sharpe looks at tax aspects of using trusts to hold investment properties for loved ones. 

  • The 'home loan' - HMRCs most disliked scheme?

    It is difficult to think of a scheme more strongly disliked by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) than the ‘home loan’ (sometimes referred to as the ‘IOU’) scheme for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes. 

    Mark McLaughlin highlights a case on an inheritance tax scheme involving the family home.  

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As part of your free trial, you will also get immediate access to the following popular property tax-saving strategies:


  • Running a property letting business through a company

Lee Sharpe looks at the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of incorporating a property letting business.


  • Jointly-owned property and rental income: Whose is it?

Sarah Bradford explains how rental income is taxed where property is owned jointly.


  • Making tax digital for landlords: Where are we now?

Lee Sharpe looks at the latest developments in respect of making tax digital for landlords.


  • Principal private residence - It’s the quality not the quantity!

Mark McLaughlin highlights an important factor in the availability of capital gains tax principal private residence relief on the disposal of a dwelling.


  • Transferring rental income: be careful!

Lee Sharpe looks at how rental income can be shared out – and points out some traps to be aware of.

As part of your free trial, you will also get immediate access to the following popular tax-saving strategies:
Learning the ropes – tax relief for expenditure on training courses

The cost of training can be quite a significant expense for many businesses – whether it is the training of the owner of the business, or training for employees.

It might seem obvious that such expenses are an allowable deduction for tax purposes, but unfortunately the position is not quite as simple as that.

The way the tax deduction works depends on who is being trained:

Are training courses for proprietors tax deductible?

By “proprietor” I mean the owner of

How to Use Business Property Relief to Reduce Inheritance Tax

"One day all this will be yours…well at least 60% of it!”

Many entrepreneurs have an exit strategy that involves selling their business during their lifetime, but for others, the plan is for it to pass down to the next generation of the family. If the business is going to stay in the family, you need to consider inheritance tax.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is charged on the value of your estate (broadly, all your assets less all your liabilities) when you die. It is also charged on certain types of lifetime gifts. The&

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