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Tax Books

Each of our popular series of tax guides is packed with
practical tax saving tips covering key areas including
property, business and employment.

Tax Books

101 Tax Saving Tips Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • 101 Practical Tax Tips
  • 101 Business Tax Tips
  • 101 Property Tax Tips
  • 101 Employer and Employee Tax Tips
from £110
101 Practical Tax Tips

All people who are employed have to pay taxes, the only difference is what rate you will be taxed at. All taxpayers like to save tax and there are many simple steps that can be taken to achieve this aim.

There are a number of tips and tricks that can be used to save or at least reduce the amount of tax payable, these tips are examined in this brand-new book containing 101 Practical Tax Tips aimed at anyone who pays taxes.

from £29.97
101 Property Tax Tips

All property owners are likely to find themselves subject to tax on that property.

However, there is much that can be done to save or at least reduce the amount of tax payable.

This brand-new book contains 101 Property Tax Tips aimed at anyone involved with property.

from £33.97
101 Employer and Employee Tax Tips

The opportunities for employees to legitimately reduce the tax that they pay are more limited than for the self-employed and those operating through a family company. 

This book contains 101 tax tips for employees and employers. It highlights various exemptions and reliefs available to employees, methods for saving work and strategies for tax-efficient remuneration.

from £29.97
101 Business Tax Tips

All businesses, large or small, like to save tax and there are many simple steps that a business can take to achieve this goal.

This 202-page guide contains 101 Business Tax Tips aimed at entrepreneurs and family businesses. It takes you through the whole business life cycle sharing tax-saving tips and strategies along the way.

Minimising your business taxes couldn't be easier!

from £29.97
How to Reduce Landlord Taxes

Tax Tips Revealed for UK Landlords and Property Investors

Boost your property profits by legitimately reducing (and in many cases totally avoiding) property income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax!

Property tax specialist Arthur Weller and property investor Amer Siddiq join forces to bring you the eleventh edition of this easy to read property tax busting guide - How to Reduce Landlord Taxes.

Don't end up giving your hard-earned property profits to the taxman. Follow any of the strategies in this unique guide and you are guaranteed to pay less landlord tax using legitimate tax saving principles.

from £44.97
How to Use Companies to Reduce Property Taxes

This comprehensive guide answers the question which every property investor/landlord is guaranteed to ask.

Is it beneficial for me to hold or purchase my properties through a limited company?

In this easy to read and unique guide, Lee Sharpe takes you step-by-step through the whole process of deciding if, how and when it will be beneficial to use an ltd. company for your property business.

Being tax-efficient whilst investing in properties can be difficult.

The guide includes over 45 practical case studies which demonstrate the key points you need to consider.

from £44.97
Tax Tips for Property Developers and Renovators

This easy to read tax busting guide is for anybody who is considering or is already involved in property development or renovation.

In this unique guide, Lee Sharpe takes you step-by-step through the different types of property development and renovation tax saving strategies.

He explains how you can avoid the most common tax traps that investors fall into and identifies ways of legitimately lowering your tax bill.

The guide includes over 44 practical case studies which demonstrate the key points you need to consider before embarking on any development or renovation project.

from £44.97
Landlord's Tax Pack

The ultimate 'Landlords' Tax Pack' shows how to slash your taxes regardless of whether you are a buy-to-let investor, property developer or trader. 

When you purchase the 'Landlords' Tax Pack' you get all our hardcopy books at a discounted price.

Get all 3 of our tax saving property books at this amazing price today, plus an added bonus book!

from £127