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101 Business Tax Tips

Boost profits and reduce taxes with these practical tax saving tips for business owners and entrepreneurs

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101 Business Tax Tips for 2024

What's in the 101 Business Tax Tips Guide?

All businesses, large or small, like to save tax and there are many simple steps that a business can take to achieve this goal. In times of economic difficulties, saving as much tax as possible is a must for every business owner. 

This 200 page guide, written by business tax specialist Sarah Bradford (ACA CTA (Fellow)) contains 101 practical tax saving tips aimed at entrepreneurs and family businesses. 

It takes you through the whole business life cycle sharing tax saving tips and strategies along the way. 

Minimizing your business taxes couldn't be easier! 

Contents of this guide include:

  • Choosing the Right Business Structure
  • Financing and Investing in the Business
  • Tax Planning in the Early Years
  • Deductions for Business Expenses
  • Deductions for Capital Expenditure
  • Extracting Profits from a Family Company
  • Employing People in a Tax Efficient Way
  • Using Losses to Minimise Taxes
  • Tax Planning - The End of the Business

Who is the 101 Business Tax Tips Guide for?

Any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to save money on taxes will benefit from this guide. No matter the size of your business this tax tips guide will help you to boost profits by paying less in taxes. 

The guide will also help tax professionals and accountants by giving them up-to-date and concise tax tips to help maximise tax efficiency for their clients.