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Essential Property Tax Reports

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What does the Essential Property Tax Reports subscription include?

These special guides tell you everything you need to know about taxes in relation to properties.

Please note: This tax-saving bundle delivers one report to you every other month, as the legislation is updated.

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Contents include:

6 x Essential Property Tax Reports

How To Use Trusts to Reduce Property Taxes 

The guide is perfect for any property owners who want to reduce income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. If you want to learn more about property trusts and how to use them to your advantage this guide will tell you everything you need to know.


Taxation of Property Partnerships

In this special report you’ll find up to date tax saving tips and strategies for taxpayers and advisers on joint ownership of property and different property partnership structures. 




The Asset Owner's Guide

This report is perfect for property owners, landlords and anyone with physical assets. The report will help you manage your assets tax efficiently so you can shelter your profits and learn more about the asset transfer process. 



How to Maximise Landlord Expenses

This report is perfect for landlords who want to reduce landlord tax by maximising landlord tax relief. The report goes beyond allowable expenses for landlords and covers the benefits of incorporation, the joint ownership of property, mortgage interest relief and much more.


Property Investment v Property Trading

In this report you’ll learn the difference between property investment and property trading and what the UK tax implications of each activity are.




PPR Capital Gains Tax Strategies For Property Owners

This guide ensures that people are not caught by a CGT charge when they sell their home – or their main home if they have more than one. The guide is essential for any individuals or partners who have or are planning to have a private or main residence. 


How to Use Trusts to Reduce Property Taxes

  1. What is a trust?
  2. Putting a house in trust
  3. Minimising income tax using trusts
  4. Minimising capital gains tax using trusts
  5. Minimising inheritance tax using trusts
  6. Different types of trust
  7. Trusts and minors 
  8. Clawback
  9. 18-25 trusts
  10. And much more...

Taxation of Property Partnerships

  1. Types of property ownership and their advantages
  2. Beneficial/legal ownership: which kind matters for tax purposes
  3. Tax consequences of changing ownership
  4. The settlements trap (and how to avoid it)
  5. Declaration of trust – not just a piece of paper
  6. Special rules for joint ownership between spouses and civil partners
  7. Form 17 - tax tips and traps
  8. Sharing of income
  9. Tax planning strategies for partnerships
  10. Complex CGT issues to look out for in partnerships
  11. Watch out - new partners and new assets potential tax trap
  12. Limited liability partnerships advantages and disadvantages
  13. and so much more...

The Asset Owner's Guide 

  1. What is 'asset protection'
  2. Limited companies as asset protection
  3. Limited liability partnerships
  4. The trusts solution
  5. The inheritance tax barrier
  6. Asset protection trusts
  7. Offshore asset planning
  8. Transferring assets
  9. How to protect your retained profits
  10. Trusts and capital gains tax

How to Maximise Landlord Expenses

  1. Cash vs accruals
  2. Revenue v capital expenses 
  3. Claimable expenses 
  4. Employing family members 
  5. Repairs, replacements and improvements 
  6. Replacement of domestic items relief 
  7. Replacement of bathrooms and kitchens 
  8. Timing of expenditure
  9. Rent a room scheme and optional methods of calculation
  10. Mortgage interest relief 
  11. Incorporation of a property business 

Property Investment v Property Trading

  1. The difference between trading and investment and why it matters
  2. Managing property trading and investment via a company
  3. Comparison of rental profits and trading profits
  4.  The pitfalls and challenges of investment and trading including the Construction Industry Scheme, trading assets and fixed assets, and corporation tax
  5. Individuals and partners in a partnership
  6. Furnished holiday lettings
  7. New Cash bases of deriving taxable profits


PPR Capital Gains Tax Strategies For Property Owners

  1. What Does Private Residence Relief Do?
  2.  Selling Other Land/Buildings Alongside
  3. Periods Of Absence - Why They Are Important
  4. The Power To (Flippin’) Nominate
  5. The Demise of Lettings Relief?
  6. Evidence Of Occupation As A Residence & Useful Tax Case
  7. Common Pitfalls For PPR