Asset Protection & Tax
Released April 2017

If you are fortunate enough to own valuable assets, you are naturally going to want to protect them from various threats. 

This 16,000+ word report teaches you about the relationship between the various methods of protecting those assets and the incidence of tax liabilities that arises.

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Contents Include:

1 Protecting Your Assets

1.1 What Is “Asset Protection”?

1.2 What This Report Is About

1.3 What This Report Doesn’t Do

1.4 Straightforward Asset Protection

2 Limited Companies

2.1 Limited Liability Companies As Asset Protection

2.2 Limited Liability: The Exceptions

2.3 When Can HMRC “Lift The Veil” Of Incorporation?

2.4 How To Protect Your Retained Profits

2.5 Setting Up A Holding Company/Trading Subsidiary Group

2.6 Tax On Incorporating Your Business

2.7 Comparing The Two Reliefs On Incorporation

2.8 Incorporation: A “Third Way”

2.9 Company Tax Generally

2.10 Protecting The Company Value From Financial Predators

3 Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

3.1 A History Lesson

3.2 What Is An LLP?

3.3 LLP’s & LPs

3.4 Who Would Use An LLP?

3.5 The LLP As An Asset Protection Vehicle

3.6 Taxation Of LLPs

3.7 Protecting Family Wealth Held Through LLPs

4 Trusts

4.1 Trusts & How They Work

4.2 The Three Types Of Trust

4.3 “Real”, Or “Fully Clothed” Trusts

4.4 Income Tax Treatment Of Trusts

4.5 Trusts As Asset Protection

4.6 The Inheritance Tax Barrier

4.7 The IHT Ten-year Charge

4.8 Trusts & Capital Gains Tax

5 Offshore Asset Planning

5.1 Types Of Offshore Structure

5.2 Offshore Structures As Asset Protection

5.3 The Tax “Hurdles”

6 Conclusion
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