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What are the benefits of selling a ‘small’ amount of land?

Shared from Tax Insider: What are the benefits of selling a ‘small’ amount of land?
By Meg Saksida, October 2021

Meg Saksida outlines a potential deferral opportunity for capital gains tax purposes. 

Land is an asset that, unlike (say) an antique bureau or a painting, can be sold off in several tranches. Land is, therefore, a perfect asset for those times when a landowner is down on their luck and needs a little cash injection but doesn’t want to sell the whole of their asset.  

Part-disposals of land 

However, a double-edged sword that arises when a taxpayer considers selling only part of the land.  

In these years of inflation, it is likely that the land will be sold at a price higher than the cost of the land, and if the landowner is a qualifying person for the purposes of capital gains tax because land is a qualifying asset, the disposal may attract a capital gain. If an individual’s

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