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The ‘naughty’ list!

Shared from Tax Insider: The ‘naughty’ list!
By Mark McLaughlin, December 2023

Mark McLaughlin suggests that taxpayers should check whether tax advisers are on HMRC’s ‘naughty’ list before seeking tax advice.  

Taxpayers might be forgiven for considering that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has more than enough powers to tackle taxpayers over what it regards as ‘naughty’ behaviour.  

However, taxpayers are not alone; HMRC’s attention seems to be turning increasingly to agents and tax advisers, including for (what HMRC regards as) leading taxpayers astray with ‘dodgy’ tax schemes.   

Naming…and shaming 

For example, since 2009 HMRC has had the power to ‘name and shame’ taxpayers where penalties for deliberate behaviour (including tax return errors) have been imposed if the potential lost revenue exceeds £25,000, except in limited circumstances. The tax

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