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Tax Tips For Company Directors

**New 2018-19 Edition Released July 2018**

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This special 15,000 + word guide looks at possible tax planning strategies for directors of small or medium-sized companies at each stage of a company's life, from incorporation through to cessation when either the director leaves or the company closes.

Delivered to your doorstep!

Contents Include:

1. The Beginning – Incorporation

1.1 Income Tax Savings

1.2 Becoming A Limited Company

1.3 Incorporation Relief

1.4 Entrepreneur Relief And Transfer Of Goodwill

2. Running A Company

2.1 Withdrawing Payments

2.2 Salary

2.3 2017/18 Calculations

2.4 The Employment Allowance

2.5 Optimal Salary Amount

2.6 Bonus

2.7 Timing Of A Bonus Payment

2.8 Dividends

2.9 The ‘Dividend Allowance’

2.10 Examples - 'DA' rules

2.11 Which Is Best For 2017/18? Salary, Bonus, Dividend Or Combination?

3. Other Methods Of Withdrawing Monies

3.1 Paying A Salary To A Spouse

3.2 Tax Trap - 'Settlements Legislation'

3.3 How Much To Pay

3.4 Use Of Home As Office

3.5 Rent Paid By Company For Use Of Business Premises

3.6 Benefits In Kind

3.7 Other Miscellaneous Benefits

4. Director’s Loan Account

4.1 Charge To Tax

4.2 Charge To NIC

4.3 'Matching' Rules

4.4 Settling The Loan

4.5 Practical Checklist – Directors Loans:

5. Director’s Pensions

5.1 General Rules

5.2 How Does It Work?

6. Alphabet Shares And Dividend Waivers

6.1 Alphabet Shares

6.2 HMRC’s View Of Alphabet Shares

6.3 Dividend Waivers

6.4 HMRC's View Of Dividend Waivers

7. Extracting Cash From The Company

7.1 Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

7.2 Phoenix Companies

7.3 Entrepreneurs' Relief

7.4 Associated Disposals – Property

8. Succession Planning

8.1 Purchase Of Own Shares By Company

8.2 Gifting Shares – 'Hold-over' Relief

8.3 Use Of A Family Trust
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