Tax Efficient Ways To Extract Cash From Your Company

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Adopting a tax and NIC-efficient strategy can save significant sums of money, so it pays to plan ahead.

This 15,000+ word report presents you with a comprehensive view of the ways to extract profits from your company in a tax-efficient manner.

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Contents Include:

1. At A Glance

2. Salaries And Bonuses

2.1 Optimal Salary Level

2.2 Paying A Bonus

2.3 National Living Wage And National Minimum Wage

3. Benefits In Kind

3.1 One Set Of Rules

3.2 Making The Most Of Exemptions

3.3 No Tax Exemption, But A NIC Saving

3.4 Beware Salary Sacrifice

3.5 Mobile Phones

3.6 Meals

3.7 Parking

3.8 Cars

3.9 Mileage Allowance

3.10 Vans

3.11 Cycles, Helmets, etc.

3.12 Childcare And Childcare Vouchers

3.13 Medical Check Ups And Treatment

3.14 Trivial Benefits

3.15 Parties

3.16 Incidental Overnight Expenses

3.17 Deductible Expenses

3.18 Long Service Awards

4. Dividends

4.1 Necessity To Have Sufficient Retained Profits

4.2 Alphabet Share Structure

4.3 Dividend Strategy

5. Pension Provision

6. Loans

6.1 Company’s Position

6.2 Shareholder’s Position

7. Liquidation

8. Planning For Spouses Or Civil Partners

8.1 Salary

8.2 Dividends

8.3 Capital Gains Tax

8.4 Gifts

9. Rent And Asset Sales

9.1 Rent

9.2 Sell Assets To The Company

10 Purchase Of Own Shares

11 And Finally

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