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Taking care of the family silver

Shared from Tax Insider: Taking care of the family silver
By Peter Rayney, July 2024

Peter Rayney explores how to shield investment assets away from trading risks. 

Many family and owner-managed companies grow to a stage where surplus funds retained from healthy trading profits are invested in significant income-producing investments. Typically, these range from residential or commercial properties to listed share portfolios. 

For a while, these investment activities tend to be operated alongside the company’s trading activities. However, there often comes a point where the owner-manager starts to ‘worry’ that these valuable investments are exposed to trading risk. If the company experiences an insolvency event, these investments may well be ‘swallowed up’ by an administrator or liquidator for the benefit of creditors and lenders.  

What can be done? 

Professional advisers are often asked whether there is anything

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