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Remuneration Strategies in a Recession



This special report reveals a number of strategies to help extract profits or funds from a company in a tax-efficient manner during a recession. 

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Why get the 'Remuneration Strategies in a Recession' Report?

During a recession, a business may make reduced profits or may instead make a loss. This will impact on the ability to take funds from a business, which may be needed outside the business to meet living costs.

As a result, some of the standard profit extraction strategies may not be available or may need to be tweaked.

For example, dividends can only be paid from retained profits and where the company has no retained profits, a dividend cannot be paid.

It's best to be prepared for the impact a recession may have on your business, and this report will help you do just that. 

What Does the Remuneration Strategies in a Recession Report Cover?

This in-depth report, which is adapted from our popular 'Tax Efficient Ways to Extract Cash from Your Company' report covers:

  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Salaries and bonuses
  • Benefits in kind
  • Dividends
  • Pension provision
  • Loans
  • Company liquidation
  • Planning for spouses and civil partners including gifts, capital gains tax, dividends and salary
  • Rent and asset sales
  • Purchase of own shares

The report takes you through the most important strategies you need to know, adapted and reflected to give specific tax planning tips during a recession. Take a look inside to see how much you can learn about remuneration strategies during a recession. 

Who is the Remuneration Strategies in a Recession Report for?

Any company director who wants to effectively plan their remuneration strategy for the upcoming year to minimise the effects of the recession on their business will benefit from owning this report. 

The 'Remuneration Strategies in a Recession' report is also suitable for accountants and tax professionals in giving an overview of the special tax implications and strategies that can be used to help during a recession.