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Property partnerships: Tax bonanza or minefield?

Shared from Tax Insider: Property partnerships: Tax bonanza or minefield?
By Alan Pink, February 2022

Alan Pink illustrates the benefits of holding property portfolios in partnership structures and points to problems that can arise and their solutions. 

Where there is more than one person involved in the ownership of a property portfolio, apart from straightforward joint ownership, investors basically have a choice between property companies and property partnerships as a way of structuring the ownership.  

With recent and impending changes to tax rates, property partnerships are beginning to look even more attractive as an alternative to the property investment company than they were before.  

Gone are the days where you had basically the same rate of tax on income, whether it was passed through a limited company on the way to individuals’ bank accounts, or was received by those individuals directly as owners. In 2023, we are promised a corporation tax rate of 25% for larger companies and ‘close

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