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Property development (4): Void repair work and insurance claims

By Lee Sharpe, May 2021

In his fourth article in the series, Lee Sharpe looks at repair work undertaken in a void period and how to deal with insurance claims. 

The previous case study focused on the kind of expenses incurred when a landlord or landlady takes on a new property and prepares it for letting out.  

This article considers a property that has been part of a landlord’s portfolio for some time but needs substantial remedial work following a long period of letting, and how to deal with insurance claims (i.e. both as contributions towards repair costs and for lost rents). 

Case study 4: Preparing to re-let a property  

Nadia has a portfolio of several houses, which she lets on a long-term basis. One of her older tenants has been ill for several years; as the tenant preferred not to be disturbed, the property

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