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PPR Capital Gains Tax Strategies For Property Owners

Everything you need to know about this valuable capital gains tax relief, (‘PPR’), and how and when it can be applied.

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Why Learn About the Latest PPR / Main Residence Relief Strategies?

What the vast majority of homeowners don’t realise is that, while selling your own home can automatically qualify for CGT relief, that relief does NOT always cover 100% of the capital gain, and in fact it is NOT always available. 

The aim of Private Residence Relief, (also known as Principal Private Residence Relief, or Only or Main Residence Relief), is to ensure that people are not caught by a CGT charge when they sell their home – or their main home if they have more than one.  

Therefore the main aims of this report are to get the best use out of this valuable relief, while not falling foul of the several restrictions that can apply. 

This latest edition has been updated to reflect important changes to PPR relief in Finance Bill 2020 (officially now known as Finance Bill 2019-21). 

Written by property tax specialist Lee Sharpe (CTA), who has 20 years’ experience of advising property investors and family businesses on tax matters, this report details:

  • What Does Private Residence Relief Do?
  •  Selling Other Land/Buildings Alongside
  • Periods Of Absence - Why They Are Important
  • The Power To (Flippin’) Nominate
  • The Demise of Lettings Relief?
  • Evidence Of Occupation As A Residence & Useful Tax Case
  • Common Pitfalls For PPR

Plus much more. Take a look inside to see the full contents of this guide and how other important PPR factors can come into play to help reduce your property capital gains taxes.

Who is the ‘Private Or Main Residence Relief’ Guide for?

The guide is essential for any individuals or partners who have or are planning to have a private or main residence. Moreover, if you are planning to grow any size of property portfolio, then knowing how you can use private or main residence relief to form part of this strategy will save significant amount in property capital gains taxes. This is a popular property tax report with accountants and tax professionals too.