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Is HMRC holding on to your tax refund?

Shared from Tax Insider: Is HMRC holding on to your tax refund?
By Lee Sharpe, July 2022

Lee Sharpe is concerned that HMRC is exploring new ways to hold on to your money for longer. 

The good old days 

I recall a case (millennia ago) where a return was submitted eye-wateringly late, but when I then rang the local tax office, they promptly located the return, then called back that afternoon, as promised, to confirm the return had been processed and a payable order would be put in the evening’s post – first class, naturally. (Remember: no penalties in those days when there was no tax liability, and legend has it that clients would even store up several years’ returns to do all in one go). 

This was back in the days when the Inland Revenue distinguished money that was due to the Crown from that which belonged to the taxpayer. 

Roughly a decade later, I rang HMRC’s helpline to chase up a substantial credit still outstanding roughly six

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