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IR35 – Tax Tips for Contractors


IR35 tax is confusing and a common tax trap for contractors and companies. Use this report, written by a
renowned  tax expert to  avoid IR35 tax traps and to learn more about IR35 implications.

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Why get the IR35 Tax Tips for Contractors Report?

Off-payroll working and IR35 tax are areas that create a lot of discussion amongst tax advisers and taxpayers, and some confusion too. 

In this special 15,500+ word report, Sarah Bradford explains IR35 tax rules, IR35 tax changes, the new rules for off-payroll working in the public sector and gives useful pointers and tips to help contractors and companies avoid IR35 traps.

What Does the IR35 Tax Tips for Contractors Report Cover?

This in-depth report covers everything you need to know about IR35 tax including:

  • IR35 legislative framework and the HMRC guidance
  • Why IR35 matters
  • Determining status in marginal cases including IR35 mutuality of obligation
  • IR35 contract review service
  • Staying IR35 safe
  • Outside IR35 tax implications
  • Tax implications where IR35 applies
  • Ir35 expenses
  • Ir35 proof contract
  • IR35 Travel expenses and intermediaries
  • Off-Payroll working in the public sector
  • Off-Payroll working in the public sector from April 2020

And so much more. Take a look inside to see how the IR35 Tax Tips for Contractors report can save you time and money by making IR35 tax implications easy to understand.

Who is the IR35 Tax Tips Report for?

Any contractors that feel they fall under the IR35 tax regulations will benefit from reading this report. Employers and company owners who regularly work with contractors will benefit from learning when IR35 applies to them in order to avoid IR35 tax traps.  

It isn’t just contractors and companies that will benefit from this report. Any tax professionals and accountants who want a better understanding of the implications of IR35 will benefit from owning this comprehensive report.  

The IR35 Tax Tips report will help you stay on the right side of the law while maximising your tax planning capabilities.