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RLA Essential Business Tax Reports
Each year tax legislation changes, and at Tax Insider we pride ourselves on providing up to date information which is why we consistently update our popular series of property tax saving reports with the latest changes and issues to be aware of. 

On their own our reports retail for £39.97 each. 

This means that to buy all the reports individually would usually cost £239.82, which for the content you receive, is great value for money.

But we are offering it to you at the price of £127 which is a huge saving of £112.82 working out at a 47% saving! 

If you buy this deal you will essentially be getting each report for £21.17 each.

Here are the 6 reports you will be receiving:

  1. Tax Efficient Ways to Extract Cash from Your Company
  2. Tax Tips for Company Directors
  3. Dividend Tax Saving Strategies Explained
  4. Year-End Tax Planning For Business Owners
  5. Director’s Loan Accounts Explained
  6. How to Maximise Deductions for Business Expenses

These special guides tell you everything you need to know about taxes in relation to business.

Delivered to your doorstep!

Contents include:

Tax Efficient Ways to Extract Cash from Your Company
1. At A Glance
2. Salaries and Bonuses
3. Benefits in Kind
4. Dividends
5. Pension Provision
6. Loans
7. Liquidation
8. Planning for Spouses or Civil Partners
9. Rent and Asset Sales
10 Purchase of Own Shares

Tax Tips for Company Directors
1. The Beginning – Incorporation
2. Running A Company
3. Other Methods of Withdrawing Monies
4. Director’s Loan Account
5. Director’s Pensions
6. Alphabet Shares and Dividend Waivers
7. Extracting Cash from The Company
8. Succession Planning

Dividend Tax Strategies Explained
1. Dividend Payments
2. ’Legal’ And ‘Illegal’ Dividends
3. Tax Planning
4. Salary v Dividends - Which One Or Both?
5. Using A Director’s Loan Account ‘Correctly’
6. Share and Share Alike! Bonus Issues
7. Traps to Avoid

Year-End Tax Planning Opportunities For Business Owners

Director’s Loan Accounts Explained 
1. Nature of A Director’s Loan Account
2. Overdrawn Director’s Loan Account
3. What Is A Close Company
4. Meaning Of `Loan’
5. Section 455 Charge
6. Clearing an Overdrawn Director’s Loan Account
7. Benefits-In-Kind Charge
8. Tax Planning Opportunities
9. Anti-Avoidance
10. Account in Credit

IR35 – Tax Tips for Contractors
1 IR35 At A Glance
2 Legislative Framework
3 HMRC Guidance
4 IR35 - Why It Matters
5 Key Terms
6 Notional Contract Of Service
7 Employed Or Self-Employed?
8 Determining Status In Marginal Cases
9 Employment Status Indicator (ESI) Tool
10 Contract Review Service
11 Staying IR35 Safe – Avoiding The Risks
12 Outside IR35 – The Tax Implications
13 IR35 Applies – The Tax Implications
14 The Deemed Payment
15 Deducting Expenses
16 Reporting The Deemed Payment
17 IR35 Enquiries
18 IR35-Proof Contract
19 Travel Expenses And Intermediaries
20 Off-Payroll Working In The Public Sector

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