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Essential Property Tax Reports
Customers who have an active newsletter subscription will receive an automatic 25% discount on the advertised price. 

Each year tax legislation changes, and at Tax Insider we pride ourselves on providing up to date information which is why we consistently update our popular series of property tax saving reports with the latest changes and issues to be aware of. 

On their own, our reports retail for £39.97 each. 

This means that to buy all the reports individually would usually cost £239.82, which for the content you receive, is great value for money.

But we are offering it to you at the price of £127 which is a huge saving of £112.82 working out at a 47% saving! 

If you buy this deal you will essentially be getting each report for £21.17 each.

Here are the 6 reports you will be receiving:

  1. How to Use Trusts to Reduce Property Taxes
  2. Taxation of Property Partnerships 
  3. Property Investment v Property Trading
  4. Asset Transfers: Tax Traps and Treasures
  5. Asset Protection & Tax
  6. How to Beat the Landlord Tax Rises

Save 47% Today! 

These special guides tell you everything you need to know about taxes in relation to properties.

Delivered to your doorstep!

Contents include:

How to Use Trusts to Reduce Property Taxes
1 What Is A Trust?
2 Using Trusts to Minimise Income Tax
3 Using Trusts to Minimise Capital Gains Tax
4 Using Trusts to Minimise Inheritance Tax (Part 1)
5 Using Trusts to Minimise Inheritance Tax (Part 2)
6 Trusts and Minors

Taxation of Property Partnerships
1 Why Bother with Joint Ownership?
2 What Is Ownership?
3 Taxation of General Joint Property
4 Joint Ownership And VAT
5 Special Rules for Joint Ownership Between Spouses And Civil Partners
6 Partnerships
7 Other Types of Partnership

Asset Protection & Tax 
1 Protecting Your Assets
2 Limited Companies
3 Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP's)
4 Trusts
5 Offshore Asset Planning

How to Beat the Landlord Tax Rises
1 Overview of The Tax Changes
2 Tax Rise 1 – Restriction of Mortgage Interest And Associated Finance Costs
3 Tax Rise 2 – Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Additional 3% Charge
4 How to Beat the Additional SDLT Charge
5 Tax Rise 3 – Capital Gains Tax – The New Marginal Charge On Residential Property Disposals

Property Investment v Property Trading
1 Assumptions
2 Overseas Business
3 Furnished Holiday Lettings (FHLs)
4 Summary of Terms
5 Trading or Investment: Why Do We Care?
6 Comparing Rental Profits with Trading Profits – Basic Principles
7 Pitfalls and Challenges
8 Trading v Investing: Individuals and Partners In A Partnership
9 New Cash Bases of Deriving Taxable Profits
10 Trading v Investing - Through A Company
11 Other Issues - Non-Corporates -v- Companies

Asset Transfers: Tax Traps and Treasures
1 Why Transfer Assets?
2 Helping the Next Generation
3 Asset Protection 
4 Continuity of The Business
5 Transferring Assets to Save Inheritance Tax 
6 Sheltering Profits
7 Practical Points and Tips

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