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How to Reduce Landlord Taxes

Boost your property profits by legitimately reducing property income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax!

I've been dealing in property for 35 years. Over the years I have asked various accountants for advice and guidance.,,Just by using one of the tips I am saving £6,840 every year!
~Paul Goulder~
Long Term Property Investor
Would just like to say a very big thank you for the Tax Strategies. Being fairly new to property investment, they are absolutely invaluable to me. I was able to point out a few omissions from my tax return to my accountant. He was somewhat taken aback but I reckon I will get a more attentive service now that he knows that I know what I am talking about.
~Liz McKenna~
Property Investor
£40,000 Tax Saving! I have read your book ... and must say it is one of the best books that I have seen on the subject. It is down to earth with lots of practical real life examples and avoids all the jargon which one tends to find with other specialist books. I reckon it will at least save me in the region of around £40k in assessable CGT. Keep up the good work.
~Ismail Sadat~
Property Investor
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** Reduce Landlord Taxes in 2023/24 out Monday 19th June **

Don't end up giving your hard earned property profits to the taxman. Follow any of the strategies in this unique guide and you are guaranteed to pay less in taxes using legitimate tax saving principles.   

What will the guide tell me?

Packed with case studies and covering the whole property investment life cycle, this guide will show you how to:

  • dramatically reduce your income and capital gains tax bills by using property partnerships
  • minimise your capital gains tax liability by varying property ownership
  • decide when you can and cannot offset property related expenditures
  • legitimately avoid property capital gains tax
  • master the new 'interest relief' tax changes that became effective in April 2017
  • calculate your rental property income tax liability
  • calculate your property development tax liability
  • maximise sole property ownership to your advantage
  • boost your profits by having a tax-free income of £7,500
  • legitimately reduce your income tax bill
  • wipe out your capital gains tax bill by changing your legal residence
  • increase the value of your property and avoid tax at the same time
  • decide whether holding your properties in a Ltd company will save you tax
  • minimise your stamp duty payments and put more (a lot more!) money in your pocket!
  • take advantage of all the capital gains tax reliefs available
  • re-invest your holiday let profits and defer capital gains tax
  • put more money in your own pocket by defining your own tax strategy
  • avoid burdening your loved ones with unnecessary taxes
  • avoid the trauma of a tax investigation (remember: no one is ever safe from the taxman!)
  • slash your international property tax bills
  • retain your UK profits if you are an ex-pat
  • avoid inheritance tax on your main home
  • invest in Spain and France in a tax efficient way
  • dramatically reduce your inheritance tax bill
  • boost your profits when investing in overseas property
  • avoid the dreaded CAPITAL GAINS TAX TRAP
  • calculate your property capital gains tax liability
  • devise your own tax efficient game plan when investing in commercial property

And that is not all!

How to Reduce Landlord Taxes will also:

  • Reduce your accountancy fees because you will be asking fewer (and the right) questions;
  • Show you how to find a tax accountant who will save you £££££s in tax;
  • Let you decide when it is the most tax-efficient time to sell your property.

Who is the guide for?

First and foremost it is for anybody who has an interest in reducing their property tax liabilities. This includes:

  • Landlords with one or more properties
  • Long-term property investors or dealers
  • People who are looking to get into the buy-to-let market
  • Accountants, financial advisors, letting agents and estate agents will also benefit from the information in this guide