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Maximising Tax Relief For Landlords' Expenses


Don’t rely on rent increases to boost your property profits. Get smart and maximise your
allowable landlord expenses to pay less tax and keep more of your rental profits.

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** 2022/23 Edition **

What's in the 'Maximising Tax Relief For Landlords' Expenses' guide?

Property owners become landlords for a variety of reasons but one thing that they all have in common is the desire to maximise rental income profits and/or capital growth from their property investment. 

This in-depth report tells you everything you need to know about allowable expenses for landlords and how to maximise them.

What you’ll learn from the report is a legitimate way to increase your property profits, without relying on rent increases. 

Written by property tax specialist Jennifer Adams, this popular report includes:

  • Cash vs accruals
  • Revenue v capital expenses 
  • Claimable expenses 
  • Employing family members 
  • Repairs, replacements and improvements 
  • Replacement of domestic items relief 
  • Replacement of bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Timing of expenditure
  • Rent a room scheme and optional methods of calculation
  • Mortgage interest relief 
  • Incorporation of a property business 

Plus much more.

Who is the Maximising Tax Relief For Landlords' Expenses Report for?

This report is for all landlords who want to get a better understanding of the allowable and claimable expenses.

It is also popular with accountants and tax practitioners.

Get our guide on maximising landlord expenses today and start taking advantage of these tax saving strategies.