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Don’t get into a fix about fixtures!

Shared from Tax Insider: Don’t get into a fix about fixtures!
By Peter Rayney, November 2021

Peter Rayney reviews the capital allowances treatment of fixtures and integral features when a building changes hands. 

Plant, fixtures and integral features often form a valuable part of most commercial buildings. Consequently, there are likely to be significant capital allowances at stake when a building changes hands. 

Setting the scene 

In most cases, various types of capital allowances would have previously been claimed in respect of qualifying plant, fixtures and integral features in the building. On the other hand, some assets or structures etc. would not have attracted any capital allowances, such as land (CAA 2001, s 24), structures listed within CAA 2001, ss 21 to 22, and so on. More recent ‘structural additions’ may have qualified for structures and buildings allowances (SBAs).  

Consequently, when a

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