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Do you have a loss-making rental property?

Shared from Tax Insider: Do you have a loss-making rental property?
By Meg Saksida, May 2021

Meg Saksida outlines ways for individual landlords to offset rental losses for tax purposes. 

According to, one in eight private sector tenants has failed to cover their housing costs during the Covid-19 crisis. This means that 13% of private landlords are facing the same expenses as every other year but without the income to cover them, meaning they are more than likely finding themselves in a loss-making position.  

Despite the government offering a myriad of generous support to many sectors of the population, unless the landlord is running a trading business (in which case they should be eligible to the self-employment income support scheme (SEISS)), they will not have received any grants in their capacity as a landlord. Even if the landlord’s rental investment business is held by a company and the landlord (as an

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