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Dividend Tax Saving Strategies Explained


Learn how to manage dividend tax efficiently in this
guide to tax saving strategies on dividends. 


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Why Get the Dividend Tax Savings Strategies Guide?

Used correctly, the withdrawal of money from a private limited company via the use of dividends can form the basis of an effective tax planning strategy for the directors.

This guide considers the practicalities involved, with examples and practical tips where relevant to help you make use of this tax saving strategy.

What’s included in the Dividend Tax Savings
Strategies Guide?

In this in-depth guide written by tax specialist Jennifer Adams you will learn about using dividends as a tax saving strategy. The guide

  • Dividend payments
  • Legal dividends
  • Illegal dividends
  • Tax planning strategies 
  • alphabet shares
  • Dividends vs salary
  • Using a director’s loan account and director’s dividends 
  • Share and share alike
  • Bonus shares 
  • Dividend tax traps to avoid

And so much more. Take a look inside now to see all the elements of dividend tax that are covered in this guide. 

Who will benefit from the Dividend Tax Savings
Strategies Guide?

Any business owner, large or small who wants to save money on taxes will benefit from this report. If you want to know how dividend tax saving strategies can help you and your business this report is for you.

The dividend tax saving strategies guide will also help tax professionals as seen in our testimonials. The report will help tax professionals and accountants by giving them an in depth understanding of dividend tax saving strategies to help maximise tax efficiency for their clients.

A popular business tax report with accountants and tax professionals too.