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  • Dividends vs Salary In 2017/18 Explained
  • When it comes to tax, all extraction methods are not equal. Also, as the tax landscape shifts, what worked well lat year will not necessarily be the optimal strategy this year.

    Sarah Bradford explores whether, for 2017/18, it is better to extract profits from a personal or family company as salary or dividends or both...
  • Tax-Efficient Motoring: Recent Developments
  • Running cars and vans on business is par excellence one of those areas where you have options with widely divergent tax effects. 

    Alan Pink points out that a company car can be tax-efficient in certain cases...

  • Share Disposals And Anti-Avoidance
    When an individual shareholder sells shares in a ‘close’ family or owner-managed trading company, he or she will probably expect the proceeds to be treated as a capital receipt.  

    Mark McLaughlin looks at how HMRC enquires into share disposals under certain anti-avoidance rules...
  • The New Trading And Property Allowances: Be Careful!
    The new trading and property allowances were announced in Budget 2016; the legislation itself has only recently been drafted.

    The new £1,000 trading and property allowances are potentially useful to casual traders/landlords – but care is needed, warns Lee Sharpe...
  • How The Reduction In The Dividend Allowance Will Affect Incorporation
    The decision to operate via a company should always be a commercial one and not tax driven. However, it is inevitable that tax costs will form part of any decision making over the most appropriate business vehicle.

    Lindsey Wicks examines how the reduction in the dividend allowance will affect the decision to incorporate...
  • Use Of Home As Office: Is HMRC Short-Changing Taxpayers?
  • 'Use of home as (an) office’ is a catch-all phrase to describe the costs that a self-employed (or partner) businessperson has in running at least part of their business operations from home.

    Lee Sharpe reviews HMRC’s guideline figures for self-employed taxpayers’ costs of working from home...
  • How To Lose Business Property Relief!
  • Business property relief (BPR) is a potentially generous form of inheritance tax (IHT) relief, which can reduce transfers of ‘relevant business property.

    Mark McLaughlin warns that inheritance tax business property relief can easily be lost due to the timing of certain transactions...
  • Incorporation Decisions - Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Budget 2017 created a stir with the announced increase and then abandonment of the increase in Class 4 National Insurance contributions for the self-employed.

    Ken Moody looks at the effect of other changes on the decision whether or not to incorporate...
  • Over £35,000 Tax-Free For 2017/18!
    Everybody knows that you have a tax-free personal allowance of £11,500 in the 2017/18 tax year (starting 6 April 2017), but what else is there to make use of?

    Lee Sharpe looks at the optimal mix of incomes to make best use of readily available allowances, etc. in the tax year 2017/18 to boost your tax-free income...
  • Penalties: HMRC Get It Wrong Again!
    Mistakes happen. Fortunately, the penalty regime for errors in tax returns, etc., (FA 2007, Sch 24) makes certain allowances for mistakes. For example, there is no penalty if an error has been made in an individual’s tax return despite ‘reasonable care’ having been taken. 

    Mark McLaughlin points out penalties for careless tax return errors may sometimes be suspended - even though HMRC may not agree...
  • Getting To Know The Substantial Shareholdings Exemption
    If a parent or holding company in a group decides to sell a subsidiary company, it is quite likely that the gain on disposal will not be liable to corporation tax because of the ‘substantial shareholdings exemption’.

    Ken Moody outlines a very useful corporation tax exemption for companies in certain circumstances...
  • Corporation Tax Loss Relief Reform: A Thoroughly Modern Measure?
    Alan Pink finds a mixed message – and a mixture of motives – in the new company loss relief rules that have been announced...
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