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A nice little earner!

Shared from Tax Insider: A nice little earner!
By Mark McLaughlin, January 2024

Mark McLaughlin points out that selling items on online platforms such as eBay can be tax-free, but only within certain limits. 

Online marketplaces (e.g., eBay, Amazon and Etsy) are very popular platforms. Sellers range from individuals disposing of their used or unwanted items (e.g., after clearing out their loft!) to established businesses. 

Does the occasional sale of secondhand items online or in (say) car boot sales represent taxable income? Selling personal items after clearing out the loft is unlikely to generate an income tax liability, because such items will normally have been bought at a higher cost than their secondhand value, so no trading profit is made (or no allowable loss arises).  

For those fortunate enough to unearth valuable personal property suitable for the Antiques Roadshow, it will often be subject to the capital gains tax (CGT) rules for chattels, and either be completely exempt from CGT

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