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McLaughlin's Tax Case Review

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- Late Filing Penalties Cancelled For Appellant Who Had Been In Prison

- Depression And Anxiety Constituted A Reasonable Excuse For Late Tax Return And Late Tax Payment

- Penalty For Non-Payment Of Tax Under Accelerated Payment Notice Cancelled

- HMRC Not Required To Refund Sum In Excess Of Actual Tax Liabilities

Trading Losses

- LLP Was Carrying On Trade But Not On Commercial Basis Or With A View To 

Realisation Of Profits

Employment Income

- Discovery Assessment On Termination Payment Was Out Of Time

Capital Allowances 

- Claim Restricted To Amount Actually Spent On Research And Development

Property Income

- Appeals Against HMRC Assessments Subject To Twenty Per Cent Deduction 

For Expenses Partly Allowed


Shares And Securities

- Conversions Of QCBs And Non-QCBs To Be Treated Separately

Private Residence Relief

- Chargeable Gain Reduced Due To Larger Permitted Area


Value Of Consideration

- Were Overpayments Of Parking Charges Voluntary Payments And Outside The Scope Of VAT Or Additional Consideration For The Supply Of Parking?

Welfare Exemption

- Was The Appellant ‘State Regulated’ And Was EU Law Correctly Implemented Into UK Law, And If Not Did EU Law Have Direct Effect?

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