Asset Transfers: Hidden Tax Traps And Treasures
Released January 2018

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There are all kinds of reasons why a person might want to transfer assets to someone else and there are also all kinds of methods of achieving this transfer, some which trigger large tax liabilities, and those that don’t.

In this 12,000+ word report we look to provide a practical guide on how to save tax when transferring assets, and to illustrate these tax saving ideas by way of a series of scenarios.

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Contents Include:

1 Why Transfer Assets?

2 Helping The Next Generation

2.1 Gifts Of Investment Assets 

2.2 Selective Giving

2.3 The ‘Cake And Eat It’ Property Trust 

3 Asset Protection 

3.1 Out Of Harm’s Way

3.2 Limiting Your Liability 

3.3 Asset Holding Companies 

3.4 ‘Top Hatting’ 

3.5 Special Purpose Vehicles 

4 Continuity Of The Business

4.1 Draining The Company

4.2 Keeping The Company ‘Lean And Mean’ 

4.3 The Parallel Investment Company


5 Transferring Assets To Save Inheritance Tax 

5.1 Improving The Business/Non-Business Mixture

5.2 Unconventional Wisdom

5.3 Swapping Capital

5.4 The Family Investment LLP

5.5 Spreading The Load

5.6 It’s Good To Share

5.7 The Investment LLP

5.8 Skipping A Generation (Or Two)

6 Sheltering Profits

6.1 The Family Partnership

6.2 The Incorporation Option

7 Practical Points And Tips
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