Am I Eligible for a Tax Refund?
I was made redundant (November 2010) and was wondering if I will be eligible for a tax refund as I was paying tax on a £35000 salary for half the year?

Arthur Weller Replies:
You can make a refund claim to HMRC. Had you made it before 6 April 2011 (i.e. within the tax year of claim) then you could have sent in your P45, together with a covering letter, together with a form P50; written 'Refund Claim' on the P50 and on the envelope and HMRC ought to have processed it within 4 weeks. If you make your claim after 5 April 2011 then it is the same, except that you don't send in the P50 form.

This question was first printed in Business Tax Insider in September 2011.

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