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  • Business Structures Part 1 - The Partnership

    A partnership is one of the oldest and most basic of business entities. Partnerships are still governed by the 1890 Partnership Act, which defines a Partnership as...
  • Using Trusts to Minimise Property Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

    The previous article in this series on Trusts ended with the tax planning suggestion for the rearrangement of investments. But doing so will not necessarily mean that there will be no tax due...
  • When Investments Go Bad! Claiming Relief

    Buying property ‘off plan’ can be an attractive proposition. Developers often offer substantial discounts to those who are prepared to commit before the first brick has been laid, thereby providing the potential to make a significant gain by the time the property has been completed. However, unforeseen events may mean that even the best laid plans go awry.
  • Optimising Tax Relief – Capital Expenditure Part 4
    This is the fourth and final article in a series looking at Capital Allowances tax reliefs for property businesses. In this article, we will look at the importance of elections when buying or selling a second hand property; how to make best use of...
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Private Residence Relief and Working From Home

If part of the property is used exclusively for business, all is not lost from a CGT perspective.


Depending on the amount of any gain arising in relation to the business part, it may be possible to shelter the gain with the annual CGT exemption (£10,100 for 2010/11) with the result that it is possible both to use part of one’s house exclusively for business and to sell the house without paying any CGT, while enjoying the maximum possible deduction for expenses in the process.

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