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  • Jointly Owned Property – The Best Of Both Worlds!

    Sarah Bradford explores how to achieve the optimum result in respect of property owned jointly by spouses or civil partners for both income tax and capital gains tax purposes. Where a rental property is owned jointly by spouses or civil partners, the ownership split that delivers the best result for income tax purposes will not necessarily be that which gives the best result for capital gains tax purposes. However, it is possible...
  • Should You Use A Property Management Company To Let Out Your Properties?

    Jennifer Adams considers whether landlords should set up a company to carry on a property management trade. In the May edition of Property Tax Insider, Sarah Bradford investigated the tax benefits or otherwise of a company owning property, rather than being owned by an individual (‘Should you hold your properties within a company structure’). This article continues with the company theme by considering a further option...
  • How Flexible Is Tax Relief On Finance Costs?

    Lee Sharpe looks at the opportunities for tax relief on loan interest for property investors. The rules for tax relief on loan interest are (arguably) much more flexible than they used to be – thanks in no small part to HMRC’s generosity. So, just how helpful are the rules?...
  • Property Development Or Investment – Why It Matters

    James Bailey explains why distinguishing between property development and property investment is important. When you sell a property, are you making a trading profit or are you making a capital gain on an investment?...
  • Tax Insider: Tax Tips
  • Tax Insider: Your Property Tax Questions Answered by Arthur Weller
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Can Our Property Business Hire My Self-Employed Partner?

Q: Can Our Property Business Hire My Self-Employed Partner?
My partner and I are developing a large property into three flats. My partner is a self-employed plumber and is carrying out most of the work himself. Is it acceptable for his plumbing firm to invoice our development partnership for work carried out at the property?


Arthur Weller Replies:
Yes, it is acceptable for his plumbing firm to invoice your development partnership for work carried out at the property. I assume that he will charge standard commercial rates, in the same way that he would do work for anyone else, and not charge more. Since he is declaring the income earned from this work, and paying tax on it, it makes no difference to HMRC that your partner does the work or any other professional plumber.
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