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  • Bad Debts: Don’t Pay Tax On Money You Won’t Be Receiving

    Chris Williams examines what you can do if your business is owed money. You usually cannot reduce your profits just because the debt has not been paid. The only exception is if HMRC has accepted that you can prepare your accounts on the basis of cash received, which is extremely rare. But a debt doesn’t have to be completely irrecoverable before you can claim to reduce your profits because it’s unlikely that you will collect it. The law is clear: you can claim relief for debts that are…
  • How To Take Advantage Of Extra Statutory Concessions

    Andrew Needham highlights extra statutory concessions for VAT purposes, how much they can be relied upon, and how to take advantage of them. An extra statutory concession (ESC) is a concept whereby HMRC grants certain concessions to taxpayers to mitigate their tax liabilities even though, under the relevant legislation, they...
  • Don’t Lose CGT Relief! Private Residence And Profit Motive

    Many people expect that if they sell the property in which they live (i.e. their home) and make a gain, it is not subject to capital gains tax (CGT) irrespective of the amount. Malcolm Finney reminds us that this isn’t always true! Technically speaking, an individual’s home is classed as their only or main residence. It may be possible for the individual (or married couple) to have more than one home. But for CGT purposes, only...
  • Family Protection – ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’

    Tony Granger illustrates the importance of keeping families protected. The benefits of family protection far outweigh the costs. Having advised families for over thirty years on the benefits of protection in the event of death, serious illness or injury where you cannot work and earn an income or a critical illness that may incapacitate you, it is important to highlight why personal protection insurance cover is so vital.  It provides...
  • A ‘Sickener’! End Of The SSP Percentage Threshold Scheme

    Sarah Bradford outlines what the ending of the SSP percentage threshold scheme means for employers. The statutory sick pay (SSP) scheme provides employees who are absent from work through sickness with a minimum level of income as long as they satisfy certain qualifying conditions. The weekly rate of SSP is £86.70 for 2013/14, increasing to...
  • The Taxpayers’ Charter – It’s There To Be Used!

    James Bailey explains how to make use of an aspirational document from the taxman. You will find the Taxpayers’ Charter if you look on the website at The Taxpayers’ Charter consists of nine things “you (the taxpayer) can expect from us (HM Revenue & Customs)” and three things “We expect from you”. I used to think the Taxpayers’ Charter was just a...
  • Can I Claim For Laundering My Uniform?

    One-third of employed people in the UK are eligible for a uniform tax allowance. You may be entitled to a tax rebate. Sarah Laing tells you how to claim.  You may be entitled to a uniform tax allowance if your work requires you to wear a uniform that is provided by your employer and bears a company logo. Depending upon your employment, this could be anything from a polo shirt with the company’s logo on it, to a high-visibility jacket and overalls. If you are then required to maintain that uniform at your own expense...
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  • Tax Insider: Your Tax Questions Answered!
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Tax Insider will cover all aspects of UK taxation and will also provide invaluable tax advice for international investors and ex-pats.

Here are just a few of the typical strategies that you can expect to find covered in the various issues of the newsletter. It will show you how to:

  • SLASH your capital gains tax bill
  • PUT MORE MONEY in your loved ones’ pockets by following simple Inheritance Tax Planning Tips
  • RETAIN your profits by triggering various tax saving reliefs
  • WIPE-OUT large tax liabilities
  • IMPLEMENT simple tax saving strategies yourself
  • REDUCE the tax liabilities of your business and thus boost your profits
  • AVOID paying too much in taxation and accountancy fees
  • PLAN your own tax strategy which will save you £thousands
  • RE-INVEST your income to save on taxes
  • AVOID the trauma of a tax investigation and a hefty tax bill & fine
  • DECIDE yourself if a tax saving strategy will work for you
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of overseas tax friendly loopholes
  • INVEST in locations that will not take all your profits in tax
  • PLAN for retirement in a tax efficient manner
  • SLASH VAT bills
  • BENEFIT from tax saving reliefs for children
  • AVOID BURDENING your loved ones with unnecessary taxes

That’s not all!
Tax insider will also:

  • Notify you of any tax law that will improve or worsen your tax position!
  • Provoke your mind to start thinking of how to continue to bring your tax liabilities down
  • Reveal tax planning secrets which, until today, were only accessible to the wealthy because only the highly paid advisors in the country knew about them!
  • Reveal strategies that are not permissible to use to avoid paying taxes
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