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  • Landlords - Watch Out for The Capital Gains Tax Trap

    Mark McLaughlin warns property investors not to forget about potential tax liabilities when expanding their property ‘empire’.  A large number of investors have expanded their property portfolios using a simple investment strategy. This strategy broadly...
  • CGT Relief: How Big Is My Garden?

    Sarah Bradford asks what counts as your garden for only or main residence relief purposes, and examines the limit on the size of garden that qualifies. The only or main residence relief (or ‘principal private residence’ relief, as it is sometimes known), for capital gains tax purposes, is well known and often misunderstood...
  • Whose House Is It Anyway?

    Lee Sharpe reviews beneficial and legal ownership, and the implications for property taxation. There are many different forms of property ownership, interest and/or occupation from a legal perspective. This article looks at the difference between legal and...
  • Agreeing To Disagree – Appeals Against HMRC Assessments And Decisions

    James Bailey points out that late appeals against HMRC assessments and decisions are not necessarily lost causes. A recent tax case (Elazoua v Revenue & Customs (2014) UKFTT 75 (TC)*) concerned late appeals against various HMRC assessments and closure notices. The First-tier Tribunal allowed the appeals despite...
  • Tax Insider: Tax Tips
  • Tax Insider: Your Property Tax Questions Answered by Arthur Weller
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Reclaiming Your Class Four NIC

The time limit for such claims is just about to be reduced as a result of legislation in the 2009 Finance Act, so there is no time to lose – claims for the tax year 2004/05 (the year ending 5 April 2005) must be made by 31 March 2010, and claims for the following year, 2005/06, will go out of date on 5 April 2010.

If you believe you have a case for reclaiming your class 4 NIC, you should first discuss the implications with a tax adviser, as the situation may not be quite as simple as this article suggests, but in many cases, there will be a useful windfall from a claim for repayment of around £15,000.
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