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  • A Smart Way To Get Your Children Started In Property

    There is another way to help your children buy an investment property – or in some cases, a home. James Bailey explains a method that avoids the disadvantages of the more usual approaches. There are many pitfalls for those who wish to help their adult children (or anyone else) to enter the property market. You can make a gift to them of the money needed to purchase their first property, but in most cases this will not be a practical proposition. Even if you can afford to do this, if you die within seven years the gift will...
  • Leasehold Property – Capital Gains Tax Issues

    Sarah Bradford takes a look at some of the capital gains tax implications of disposing of leasehold property. Property in the UK can be owned either freehold or leasehold. The owner of a freehold property owns both the building and the land on which it stands outright and in perpetuity. By contrast, a leaseholder has a lease from the freeholder to use the property for a number of years. Leases are normally granted for a long period of time, such as...
  • Developing The Garden – When Can PPR Apply?

    Julie Butler considers the scope within the capital gains tax legislation for principal private residence relief in respect of the garden. With development values returning, many homeowners are looking to make tax-free gains on the development of their gardens where possible. The important tax relief available to many homeowners in respect of their home and garden is that for a principal private residence (PPR) (TCGA 1992, s 222). The relief applies to a gain arising on...
  • Construction Industry Scheme For Property Developers – Does That Mean You?

    Lee Sharpe warns that the taxman believes the ‘construction industry scheme’ has a longer reach than you might think. The construction industry scheme (CIS) is universally acknowledged as a pain – whether you are a contractor having to deal with additional paperwork and returns to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), or a sub-contractor having to wait for months for a rebate of your own money. This article aims to set out the key points to consider if you are in the habit of developing – or even improving – properties. You might be forgiven for thinking that you know the answer to that question since it is (almost) universally accepted that a property developer is someone who...
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How to Qualify for Furnished Holiday Accommodation Relief

If you purchase a property and let it before 5 April 2010, therefore, provided that you stick to the rules here for the twelve months beginning with the first letting, it will qualify as FHA for 2009/10. This means that you could roll over a capital gain on the sale of another business asset in the period beginning three years before you purchase the FHA property, and ending one year after that purchase.
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