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  • Dividend Waivers – Beware The ‘Settlements’ Rules!

    James Bailey points out a potential income tax pitfall for family company shareholders, particularly those who are spouses or civil partners. In a typical family company, paying dividends is a tax-efficient way of extracting profits for the shareholders. Dividend waivers, where a shareholder gives up the right to a particular dividend, can also...
  • Tax-Free ‘Perks’ For Employees

    Sarah Laing highlights some tax-efficient benefits and expenses that employees can offer their staff. Employers often make up a total employment package by providing extra benefits on top of salary. This article looks at some of the more.…
  • Disincorporation Dilemma: A Problem For Shareholders

    Sarah Laing looks at some of the potential problems surrounding the restricted tax relief available in some cases when a limited company disincorporates...
  • Who Shares Wins! Entrepreneurs’ Relief For All The Family

    Chris Williams explains how a little advance thought and planning can improve the benefit of this valuable capital gains tax relief. For some, the individual lifetime allowance for entrepreneurs’ relief purposes (i.e. £10 million) that allows sole trader, partner or shareholder to reduce the rate of capital gains tax (CGT) to...
  • Pitfalls In Pension Contributions Allowance Carry Forward

    Tony Granger considers how to increase your pension contribution funding, but warns of potential pitfalls. Budget 2014 prepared the way for increased flexibility with regard to the future of defined contribution pension funds, allowing greater access to pension funds as cash and doing away with...
  • Still On The Agenda: Nil Rate Band Will Trusts

    Malcolm Gunn outlines why nil rate band Will trusts may still be useful in some cases. Up until October 2007, it was viewed as de rigeur that Wills of a husband and wife should contain provisions for a nil rate band discretionary trust. However, when the transferable nil rate band was introduced with effect from 9 October 2007, it was thought that such trusts became...
  • Should I Reduce My Payments On Account?

    Sarah Bradford explains when you may want to reduce your self-assessment payments on account, and the consequences of getting it wrong. Under self-assessment, payments on account of the current year’s liability are due on 31 January in the tax year, and on 31 July after the end of the tax year. To the extent that any further tax is due, the balance must be paid by...
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  • Tax Insider: Your Tax Questions Answered!
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Tax Insider will cover all aspects of UK taxation and will also provide invaluable tax advice for international investors and ex-pats.

Here are just a few of the typical strategies that you can expect to find covered in the various issues of the newsletter. It will show you how to:

  • SLASH your capital gains tax bill
  • PUT MORE MONEY in your loved ones’ pockets by following simple Inheritance Tax Planning Tips
  • RETAIN your profits by triggering various tax saving reliefs
  • WIPE-OUT large tax liabilities
  • IMPLEMENT simple tax saving strategies yourself
  • REDUCE the tax liabilities of your business and thus boost your profits
  • AVOID paying too much in taxation and accountancy fees
  • PLAN your own tax strategy which will save you £thousands
  • RE-INVEST your income to save on taxes
  • AVOID the trauma of a tax investigation and a hefty tax bill & fine
  • DECIDE yourself if a tax saving strategy will work for you
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of overseas tax friendly loopholes
  • INVEST in locations that will not take all your profits in tax
  • PLAN for retirement in a tax efficient manner
  • SLASH VAT bills
  • BENEFIT from tax saving reliefs for children
  • AVOID BURDENING your loved ones with unnecessary taxes

That’s not all!
Tax insider will also:

  • Notify you of any tax law that will improve or worsen your tax position!
  • Provoke your mind to start thinking of how to continue to bring your tax liabilities down
  • Reveal tax planning secrets which, until today, were only accessible to the wealthy because only the highly paid advisors in the country knew about them!
  • Reveal strategies that are not permissible to use to avoid paying taxes
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Did anyone else spot Budget Notice 61

("Greater London Authority Severance Pay")? This provides an exemption from tax for payments made to GLA officials under their severance pay scheme, and it specifically mentions the Mayor of London as one of those included in the exemption. Looks like they have little confidence in your chances in the coming election, Ken!
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